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About Us

At ServiceNearMe, we believe that it should be easy for customers to find and connect with nearby businesses. We also think that business owners should not pay excessive fees to huge corporations for being found online. Our mission is to provide a simple, affordable and effective way for businesses and customers to connect.


ServiceNearMe is always free to consumers while businesses can join for free or boost their visibility with a pro account for only $9.99/month.

Our Story

Founder Rick Pope began his career in online marketing nearly 20 years ago. At the time, he was managing a portfolio of websites for service companies and small businesses. His clients were shifting from traditional outbound sales models to being found in online searches. He quickly developed a knack for helping businesses rank above the competition in online search results.


During this time a new trend was starting. Instead of going to a company’s website, customers were going to sites where they could see multiple profiles, read reviews and then make an informed buying decision. These sites were great for the consumer, but not so great for the businesses that were on them. These sites were charging business owners outrageous fees. Every little thing was an additional charge, and only the well-established companies could afford it.


At this point, Rick knew there was a tremendous opportunity. He took his 20 years of experience and developed ServiceNearMe.com, a low-cost, all-inclusive online marketplace where businesses connect with nearby customers.

“At ServiceNearMe.com we believe that you should not pay excessive fees to huge corporations for the right to be found in online searches.”
– Rick Pope, Founder

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