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While ServiceNearMe aims to provide consumers with a vast network of trusted professionals they can connect with, it is ultimately your responsibility as the consumer to do your own screening before hiring the right professional for the task.

Here are some tips to help you get started:


Review their Business Profile

Each business profile on ServiceNearMe gives you important information about the kind of services on offer and a quick glance at what you need to know. Check out their customer reviews and FAQ page to learn more about their services. A link to their website, contact details and opening times are included for your review.


Do Your Research

While the business profile provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect, you may want to do further research into the company on the internet to verify their credentials.


Discuss Your Needs

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with businesses by sending them a message using the contact form on their profile page or speaking to them on the phone. Discuss the details of your project before making your final decision and proceeding with the contract. Ask to see relevant samples of work or additional customer references.


Ask about Insurance, Permits and Licenses

Ensure the professional is fully insured and licensed to carry out the work and able to comply with current federal, state and local licensing requirements.


Get a Written Contract

Never rely on verbal agreements. Get everything in writing by requesting for a contract that clearly indicates the project time frame, payment plan and terms and conditions.


Keep a Record

Whether it’s an email or an invoice, it’s wise to keep a record of everything just in case you need to refer to them.


Payment on Projects

We recommend that consumers arrange for progressive payments on large projects. Be wary about releasing the full payment for an entire project upfront, particularly if it involves a huge sum of money. Ensure you have a receipt or record of every payment you make.


Business License vs. Occupational License

A business license simply means that the service provider is registered as a business. It is not a license for them to perform a particular kind of work, such as plumbing or electrical wiring.

You may want to verify that the professional has the appropriate occupational license by referring to online databases such as BRB Publications. Click on the links below to state government websites for information about licensing.



Alabama Department of Revenue List of Occupations Requiring Permits/Licenses
Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors
Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board
Alabama Public Services Commission: Motor Carrier Services Section



Alaska Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing—Professional License Search



Arizona Registrar of Contractors


Arkansas Professional Licensing Verification Site



California Department of Consumer Affairs—Verify a License
California Public Utilities Commission—Transportation Carriers Lookup



Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies—Verify a Professional or Business License
Colorado Public Utilities Commission Transportation Permit Search


Connecticut E-license: Search for License, Permit, Certification, or Registration
Connecticut Department of Public Transportation, Bureau of Public Transportation



Delaware Department of State, Division of Professional Regulation


District of Columbia

DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs—Professional and Occupational Licenses
DC Department of Health—Search for a License



Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Department of Health—License Verification
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services



Georgia Secretary of State: Professional License Verification Portal
Georgia Department of Public Safety—List of Licensed Movers



Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs—Professional and Vocational Licensing Search
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission Active Motor Carriers Report



Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses—Public Record Information
Idaho Division of Building Safety—License Search



Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation—License Search
Illinois Commerce Commission Household Goods Mover Search



State of Indiana Professional Licensing Agency—License Verification


Iowa License, Permit and Registration Information
Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Carriers Page



Kansas Contractor Licensing Directory
Kansas State Board of Technical Professions: License Search
Kansas Corporation Commission—Search Motor Carriers



Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction—License Search
Kentucky Department of Professional Licensing—License Verification
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Motor Carriers Page


Louisana Professional and Occupational License Lookup
Louisiana Public Service Commission Transportation Search


Maine Regulatory Licensing & Permitting



Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation—Licensing Queries



Massachusetts eLicensing and ePermitting Portal
Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security—License Search
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities—Licensed Carrier Lookup



Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs—Citizen Portal
Michigan State Police—Motor Carriers with Active Intrastate Household Goods Authority


Minnesota eLicensing


Mississippi—Professional Licenses



Missouri Division of Professional Licensing—Licensee Search
Missouri Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Services



Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Business Standards Division
Montana Public Service Commission Intrastate Motor Carrier Authority List



Nebraska Department of Labor—Search Registered Contractors and Subcontractors
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services License Information System Search
Nebraska Public Service Commission Transportation Department



Nevada State Contractors Board License Search
Nevada State Board of Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design Registrant Directory
Nevada Transportation Authority Active Certificates List


New Hampshire

New Hampshire Online Licensing Verification


New Jersey

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs—License Verification


New Mexico

New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department—Look up a License
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission—Household Goods Movers


New York

New York State Office of the Professions —Verification Searches
New York Department of Transportation—Consumer Moving Information


North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Commerce—Occupations Requiring a License
North Carolina Utilities Commission List of Carriers Issued a Certificate of Exemption Authorizing Household Goods Transportation within North Carolina


North Dakota

North Dakota State University—Licenses Required of Individuals by the State of North Dakota
Secretary of State Business Records Search (for Licensed Contractors)


Ohio— Licenses and Permits
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Registered Household Goods Carriers



Oklahoma Occupational Licensing Information
Oklahoma Department of Commerce Business Licensing and Operating Requirements (Common Licensing Requirements by Industry)
Oklahoma Corporation Commission—Lists of Authorized Carriers, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), and Intrastate Motor Carrier Applicants



Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services—Contactor/Individual License Holder Search
Oregon Construction Contractors Board
Oregon Department of Transportation—Household Goods Moving



Pennsylvania Department of State—Verify a Professional
Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission—Limousines, Taxis & Movers


Rhode Island

Rhode Island Professional Regulation Unit—Check License / Change Address
Rhode Island Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board—Registration/License Status Lookup
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission Motor Carriers Page


South Carolina

South Carolina Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing
South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff—Transportation FAQs


South Dakota

South Dakota Occupational Licensing Agencies



Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance—License Search and Verification
Tennessee Department of Health—License Verification



Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation—License Data Search
Texas Online Licensing System—Public Search
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles—Motor Carrier Lookup



Utah Licensee Lookup and Verification System



Vermont Secretary of State, Office of Professional Regulation
Vermont Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety



Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation—License Lookup
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles—List of Authorized Motor Carriers



Washington State Department of Licensing
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission—Household Goods Carriers


West Virginia

West Virginia Professional and Occupational Licensing Boards



Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services—Credential/License Search



Wyoming Professional Licensing Boards
Office of the Governor—Boards and Commissions