Content Guidlines

At, we aim to create a vibrant and friendly online community where businesses and customers can find each other quickly. By using our site, you agree to observe online etiquette and refrain from abusing the system.

Please adhere to the following guidelines to help keep your content relevant. We reserve the right to review accounts or posts that violate these rules and remove them at our discretion.

Your Profile: Use your profile to give others a snapshot of who you are. This helps build community and trust, especially when posting comments and making service enquiries. If you’re not on a Business Owners Account, don’t self-promote or advertise any offerings.

Photos: Photos relating to any particular business or experience you had with a service, whether posted in reviews or elsewhere, must be relevant and objective. They should not be used to exaggerate or intentionally discredit the business.

Posting Comments: Public comments can provide other users with information related to the service you received. If you’ve provided a profile picture, your comments will look more personalized and trustworthy. Keep your comments relevant and be tactful. If you need to resolve a personal dispute with a business, consider using direct messaging instead.

Your Content: You may use your own photos when posting in the customer review section and elsewhere. We encourage information that is helpful to other users, and we won’t tolerate lewd language, hate speech, antisocial remarks, or the like. It is your responsibility to ensure that your content isn’t swiped from other sources and infringing copyright.

Privacy: Be mindful when posting information and photos that may violate the privacy of the persons involved. Seek permission before posting any sensitive information or photos that may compromise the identity of that person.

Review Guidelines

Online reviews influence up to 90% of buying decisions, and as many as 84% of people trust them as much as a friend’s recommendation. values unbiased customer reviews that are personal, detailed, and helpful to other users. Keep these guidelines in mind when writing your review.

Authenticity: Other users want to hear about your personal experience, not what you’ve been told by someone else. Do not accept incentives in exchange for a positive review, or write a review for a business you’re affiliated with. Never threaten service providers with a negative review to settle disputes or obtain a refund.

Accuracy: The information you provide in your review can have an impact on the buying decision of other users. Make sure the details you give are correct and clearly expressed, not exaggerated or misrepresented.

Updates: Create a review update if you have a new engagement with the service provider. Otherwise, you can simply edit an existing review to provide a follow-up on or new insights to the previous experience.