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About Pay Per Click

Small businesses may not have a big budget for internet marketing. Neither do they want to waste resources on ads that may not be seen or clicked on. That’s why more and more small businesses are turning to Pay Per Click as a cost-effective solution. By only paying when someone clicks your search ads or calls your business, you are guaranteed that every marketing dollar you spend gets you results.

Be Seen at the Top of Google

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. By using Google Ads for your Pay Per Click ads, you give your small business the big exposure it needs on Google to win customers. With the strategic use of keywords, your ads can appear on the top of search results.

Pay Per Click Ads for Small Business - Google Ads
Work Within Your Budget

With Google Ads, you get to control how much you spend by setting a budget for your PPC campaign. Whether you choose to spend below a hundred or over a thousand dollars, your budget gets you the results you want because you only pay for engagements.

Target Ads by Location

Many small businesses serve their local community and seek customers within their area of operation. Whether you’re a local business or a global one, Google Ads lets you set your ads to target consumers by countries, cities or within a set distance from your business.

Analyze Performance

You can track how well each of your Google Ads performs using Google Ads’ simple campaign management tools. Reports allow you to make adjustments and improve on the effectiveness of your search ads.

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