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General Guidelines

At, we aim to create a vibrant and friendly online community where businesses and customers can find each other quickly. We’ve designed simple-to-use features that allow you to communicate with users and promote your services, and vice versa. By using our site, you agree to observe online etiquette and refrain from abusing the system.

In order to maintain the integrity of this platform and ensure you get the most out of your presence here, please follow these simple guidelines.


Your Profile

Your business profile is where you tell customers who you are and why they should choose you. Focus on your unique selling points but do keep all information up-to-date and relevant. Please do not stuff your profile with keywords, promote special offers, or discredit your competitors.


Images and Photos

You may post images and photos as a way of displaying what you offer and when advertising your business on However, you must ensure that images are non-offensive and that you have the permission to use these photos. We will remove photos that we deem inappropriate.


Your Comments

Public comments can provide users with added information related to your services. If you’ve provided a profile picture, your comments will look more personalized and professional. If you need to resolve a personal dispute with a customer, consider using direct messaging instead. Never disparage others in your comments.


Customer Reviews

Online reviews influence up to 90% of buying decisions, and as many as 84% of people trust them as much as a friend’s recommendation. We value unbiased, authentic customer reviews, and you should too. That means you should never offer incentives in exchange for positive feedback, solicit reviews from friends or family, or remove any negative comments.


Your Content

You’re encouraged to post information that is useful and interesting, but we won’t tolerate lewd language, hate speech, antisocial remarks, or the like. It is your responsibility to ensure that your content isn’t swiped from other sources and infringing copyright.



Be mindful when posting information and photos that may violate the privacy of the persons involved. Seek permission before posting any sensitive information or photos that may compromise the identity of that person.